Welcome to the Marketplace!

After being in the entertainment business for over twenty years I’ve managed to noticed a few things. I’ve noticed that no one can predict what will be a hit. I’ve noticed that consistency is your greatest ally. Last and surely not least I’ve noticed that your brand doesn’t have a fighting chance without proper marketing.

Many years ago a good friend and mentor of mine shared a phrase with me that changed my entire life. “Perception is stronger than fact.” This simple phrase has shaped my way of thinking when it comes to promoting and marketing products.  How we perceive a thing to be, is how it will be. The key here is, how do you persuade a group of people to believe in what you’re selling.

I’m a firm believer that fact is always the easiest sell. Show people the truth and a good product will sell itself. For some it is easy to sell a lie, I don’t believe in this policy. I won’t sell anything I don’t believe in, but even selling the truth can be a challenge. Here are two very important points I think you should remember. “You can’t sell the unseen and it’s hard to sell fruit that isn’t on display.” This simply says if you want people to by into your product you will have to show it to them and you will have to place it where products like yours are sold.

Major corporations spend billions of dollars every year promoting products to persuade consumers to purchase. The marketing of the independent company with very little resources will have to be a creative.  After years of experience and extensive research I have built countless relationships with companies that can make the difference in successfully selling your products. I work with three in particular that can help you get noticed where others will continue to struggle. These companies are Showbiz Entertainment, Blue Label Distribution and Adnormous Graphics.

The combination of these three companies is unmatched when it comes to the marketing, promotion and distribution of products. It doesn’t matter how big or small the promotion. These three companies get the job done. These three companies get products noticed and sold where others fail. These three companies are also my best kept secret to staying relevant in the marketplace.

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  1. I’ve been saying “Perception is stronger than fact” 4 years!!! Actually I say perception is stronger than reality LOL it’s sad but true SMH

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