Atlanta still loves T.I.

Atlanta still loves T.I.
by YZ
Last night I attended B.o.b’s Concert at Emory University with my good friend and client Sonny Bonoho. Sonny is Playboy Tre’s hype man for B.o.b’s tour.  This is the 3rd B.o.b concert I’ve attended this year but I was obligated to go, luckily so.
I set up shop on the right side of the stage to watch Playboy Tre get the crowd hyped up to his new single “Ready GO”.  Tre and Sonny have a tight formula for getting the crowd off their feet.  I was impressed with the growth of Playboy Tre’s performance after being on tour for only a short time.  My guess is Tre will be around a long while giving crowds a taste of real East Atlanta Hip-Hop flavor that only Playboy Tre can bring.
After Playboy Tre rocked the crowd and exited the stage, the stage crew prepared for B.o.b’s arrival. Thousands of Emory’s students started to chant, B.o.b! B.o.b! B.o.b! B.o.B!  The lights went out and the crowd went crazy!  When B.o.b took the stage I could tell he was now completely and unquestionably a super star.  Song after song the crowd was amazed at how skillfully B.o.b rapped, sang, danced, and played both guitar and piano.  His brand of music is fresh and uplifting.
When the band started to play “Bet I ” my gut told me something hot was about to happen.  B.o.b started in on his verse as Playboy Tre reentered the stage. The crowd was full of excitement rapping along with B.o.b and chanting the hook. “Put me anywhere on the map I bet I bust, This is what I does so please don’t gas me up. Matter of fact give 15 minutes and bag of bud I bet I bust”.  As the crowd sang along to that infectious hook Clifford “T.I.” Harris took the stage and all hell broke loose.
After “Bet I” was over T.I. and B.o.b gave a never seen before performance of “Dream Me Up” from T.I.s upcoming LP “King Uncaged”.  B.o.b then stepped aside so his label chief could represent one last time for Atlanta before his short sentence begins.  T.I. aimed to please as he performed two of his biggest hits, “Live your life and You can have what ever you like” for a crowd only to happy to receive this unexpected gift.
T.I.’s flow is like no other, and his presence is larger than a 747 parked on your front lawn. Confident as always T.I. delivered a performance that will be talked about until his returns home from prison in as he puts it, “10 months and 3 weeks”. “That’s why I’m 20 feet tall standing on the big screen. Get dough, get green, my flow sickening, It’s the King N*gga.”
After all the talk about how T.I. made the biggest mistake of his career, Atlanta’s own “King of the South” is still loved and respected, even by Atlanta’s would be elite.
“Get home safely my dude. We’ll be waiting.”
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