DJ Quiz x Nah Right x Rappers I Know x That

DJ Quiz x Nah Right x Rappers I Know x That’s Enuff x Peter Rosenberg present: Quiz Knows A Mixtape mixed by DJ Quiz

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“A big ass moon”

They say a picture says a thousand words, so lately I’ve been looking at images I come across a lot closer. I want to know what words these images are saying.  I want to better understand what these images are doing to my subconscious mind.

Yesterday I saw a man draw the image of a lady’s legs open exposing her vagina. He then turned that image into a picture of a forest right before my eyes. I could still see the woman’s vagina yet had I not seen him draw the picture I never would have noticed it.

The picture above is a picture of a lady’s bare naked buttocks. Do you see it?  She’s bending toward the north and It’s staring you right in the face.

Dr. Fatimah Jackson “The Green Solution for Malaria”

God has blessed me to be able to travel all around the World. In my travels I’ve met many people of all nationalities and from all walks of life. A few of those people have affected me as a human being in wondrous ways. The woman I’m about to introduce you to is such a person.

Dr. Fatimah Jackson

Ladies and Gentleman it is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Fatimah L.C. Jackson founder of the Oasis Scientific Research Corporation.

Dr. Fatimah L.C. Jackson is a biological anthropologist who received her B.A. (cum laude and with Distinction in all subjects), M.A., and Ph.D. from Cornell University. She is a former Professor and Distinguished Scholar Teacher at the University of Maryland. She is currently Director of the Institute of African American Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she is also a Professor of Biological Anthropology. Dr. Jackson has worked extensively in West, Central, and East Africa and has a background in parasitology, population genetics, and evolutionary biology. She has been a Senior Fulbright Research Fellow, Human Biology Association Fellow, Fletcher Fellow, and AETL Fellow.

“The World Health Organization estimates that each year 300-500 million cases of malaria occur and more than 1-3 million people die of malaria, especially in developing countries. Most deaths occur in young children. For example, in Africa, a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds.”

Dr. Jackson has developed an Insecticide that kills larvae and mosquitos that cause Malaria that has been tested and proven in countries plagued with Malaria and the United States.

With the recent Earthquake that struck Haiti killing over 200k people and the pending rainy season approaching, the devastation of Malaria is eminent. Although there are other products that treat the symptoms of Malaria they don’t solve the problem of killing the mosquitos without further harming the environment. Dr. Jackson’s life research not only kills the mosquito’s that transmit malaria, it’s completely biodegradable and doesn’t further harm the Ecosystem or create toxins that would further harm people. It is her desire to provide Haiti’s people with the help they so desperately needs in regards to this matter.

I have been telling her story to anyone who will lend me a moment of their time. I recently reached out to a couple of journalist whom I thought would find Dr. Jackson’s story not only important but historic. I’ve reached out to Dream Hampton and Gigi Capone two woman whom I respect and admire. They have both been an inspiration for me to continue sharing this spectacular story with the World.

This link below is a very recent interview with Dr. Fatimah Jackson by Gigi Capone. I urge you please, share this remarkable woman’s story with your family and friends?

Gigi Capone’s Interview with Dr. Fatimah Jackson

Dr. Fatimah Jackson’s story is going to change major health issues that plague our Planet.

Please visit Oasis Scientific Research’s website:

For more information on how you can support Dr. Jackson’s important research, please contact Oasis Scientific Research Public Relations Director Aisha Jackson at

I Ain’t Got Time to Waste

When I met Andy Turner aka Aim I was in Manchester UK touring with Rae & Christian. It’s somewhat of a long story but I will make it short as possible. My friend and old production partner Tony D (RIP) had released a LP called “Pound for Pound” on Grand Central Records based out of Manchester. Tony had scheduled a six city tour and mentioned my name to Mark Rae one of the owners of the label. Mark asked Tony if he thought I’d be interested in doing the tour with him to help promote his LP. Tony called me and I accepted his offer.

While I was there Rae & Christian were recording their debut LP “Northern Sulphuric Soul”. They ask me if I was interested in being featured on the LP, of course I said yes. Mark gave me a track and we went into their studio to record the song “Now I lay me Down”. The track that we originally recorded to ended up being used on the same LP with another artist, “Jeru The Damaja.” Mark and Steve (Christian) took the song I recorded and produced a new track around what I had recorded. I thought the new version fit the topic better however the flow sounded much better over the original track. I wished they had asked me to re-record the song but it didn’t quite work out that way.

After the release of “NSS”, Rae & Christian lined up a string of Summer Festival dates and ask if I would be interested in coming to Europe for a few months to tour. I jumped at the chance to tour with some of the Worlds most talented artist. I met a great deal of people on that tour. James Brown, George Duke, Buena Vista Social Club, Zap Mama, Lamb, Massive Attack and many more.

In between dates I lived in Manchester with some friends of Steve, Ali and Gaina. They were very warm and kind to me on my visit. I got to see Manchester United win a match. It was a memorable experience to say the least. I also became closely aquainted with several of Grand Central’s recording artist Veba, Peter Parker, Kate Rogers, Funky Fresh Few and of course, Aim.

Aim (Andrew Turner) and I recorded two songs together, “From here to fame” and “I ain’t got time to waste”. Both songs were featured on his debut LP “Cold Water Music. I did a few spot dates with Andy during this period as well. Although his LP wasn’t out yet he had a nice following as a DJ. We would do a small routine near the end of his set.  I remember one of the gigs was in London with a group called High & Mighty. That night High & Mighty brought Eminem on stage to perform one of their songs with them. I spoke briefly with Em before the show, he had been a listener of my music. After the show we all hung out, had a few drinks and took some pictures. I also had the pleasure of meeting his manager Paul Rosenberg and the late “Proof”(RIP) that same night.

After I had returned to America I had gotten word that Aim had released “Cold Water Music”.  Shortly after I received a call to inform me that our song “I Ain’t Got Time To Waste” had been chosen for “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”.