Owed to a King

My first encounter with Junior Mafia was in the Summer of 93.  It was at Daddy-O & Kedar’s studio in Bed-Sty, Junior Mafia was working on their demo. Lil Kim, The Snakes and Lil Cease were there recording and we all met for the 1st time, Biggie however wasn’t there. It was real peace and the word must have gotten back to BIG cause when we finally did meet in the Spring of 94 in Atlanta it was though we were old friends. Puffy had him and Cease in a blue van on a promotional college radio tour with Craig Mack and I bumped into them at Morehouse College. We sat in the van while I rolled a blunt, terribly I might ad. Later that year when BIG’s single Juicy was hot and his LP Ready to Die was released I caught up with him at his 1st headline show in Atlanta at the Warehouse. Soon as he saw me he grabbed my shoulders and I thought somebody was starting a fight. That was BIG’s way of joking. When I noticed it was him I laughed and he put his arms around me to greet me. We talked a good while before he went on. He was a little nervous about performing that night. He asked me if I thought the crowd was going to feel him. My response was this, “This place is packed and everybody’s here to see you.” Needless the say he repped for Brooklyn that night.

Biggie was a fun person to be around. He loved telling jokes, laughing and talking to people. The video’s I selected below remind me of the times we kicked it.



“So Far” The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me

“I earned my respect in the Streets.”

These words resonate in every aspect of my life. Life can be difficult at times, people are not perfect. We make huge mistakes but that’s how we learn. Do the best you can do that’s all anyone can ask of you. Sometimes you win big, sometimes you come up short, but you tried. Stay true to who you are. You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not to be respected. Actually faking will get you disrespected faster than anything else. I know you know that. Don’t forget to act like you know.

Comin’ at ya live YZ interview Brother J of X-Clan Part 1

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brother_j_x_clan_20090131.jpgComin’ At Ya Live is a show created by YZ that showcases artists and DJ’s from all over the World.  We are currently editing tons of goodies for you but didn’t want to leave you without a taste of what’s to come.

In this episode YZ interviews Blackworld Entertainment” Recording Artist “Brother J of X-Clan“.

“It was a pleasure catching up with Brother J.  I think he is one of Hip-Hop’s true pioneers that shall be treasured for many years to come.” YZ

If you would like to be featured on “Comin’ At Ya Live” email your request to: cominatyalive@gmail.com

Enjoy and God Bless

Blackworld Entertainment


Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Leak

I always get asked who are my favorite 5 emcee’s of all time and as always people are surprised when I mention Jay-Z in that list. This should change there view point.

Here the leak to Blueprint 3. Jay does it again. Don’t forget to cop this, it’s classic.





YZ Song Lyrics from LP “Muad’Dib”v

yzsilver_l_12Peace everyone,

I’m a avid reader and thinker. I find wonder in intricate phrases by writers. That’s one of the reasons I love rap so much. On Twitter and Face Book I will post quotes from some of the Worlds most powerful writers and thinkers. I’ve recently asked people to post quotes from hip-hop music that has helped to mold their lives. Before I knew it some people were quoting me. The people who were quoting me I have to say really are hip-hop heads because they were quoting obscure verses of mine that were on mixtapes and demos that had surfaced to the streets.  When I checked on line I could only find lyrics to two of my oldest songs. I don’t know who posted the lyrics but I think it was ill that someone thought to do it. Thank you to whomever it was. The two songs were “When the Road is Covered with Snow” and “Tagging it up”. It really made me think that I needed to post more of my lyrics.

Here are the lyrics to songs from my latest LP “Muad’Dib” released on April 21st 2009.

Hope you enjoy

God Bless



“You Know Me” BY YZ feat D. Rose

Turn that music up a lil’ bit.

I’m a leave permanent scar, look through your facade. I get you hated by your neighbors backing out your garage.

Those beats band sickening, leave your face wrinkling, lean you sideways

My style is glass-dick and you got black lips

For me you rap fiend, I serve you, supply your habits

My words are just like magic

I got you rabid foaming out your mouth, teeth gritting

I do you right. I give you extra street slang spitting

For all my verbiage you feed suck me dry

A vampire connected to my rap bloodline

It’s mainline repping for the front line

My rap’s a criminal, a infamous villain escaped from Cameroon

It’s sand dune, a verbal man tomb

My rap’s groomed like Jumu’ah

You can’t defuse the god no matter who you are

Respect mine or find your limbs in emergency

Play dumb or jar your memory

You know me


(Repeat twice)

Spit the flames and let’s split the game

Rip set get some change what set you claim

Take it in vain we licking shots at your membrane

Kick slang make it stain we off the chain now

Verse 2

When I entered the game something occurred, expansion moves

My heat felt all over this Earth, date back to my birth

I payed dues wasn’t shit new but me

Nowadays I renew subtly and avoid the cluttery

I break ground my flows commonly used

I’m sick of clone rapping n*&^%$ always giving me blues

Somebody please play the violin so I can get back to flows sick & violent

So ya’ll don’t have to cry again

Todays story catastrophic like the year two zero one two

Do the math if you want too

Ignorance, bliss to some of those who wish upon stars

Closed eyes in the daylight become dark

I’m here to spark ya’ll, I’m looking for the mark ya’ll

And when I spot the beast I’m aiming for the heart ya’ll

How can a man be so cocky and care about his own

Don’t mind me I be off in a zone

You know me


Verse 3

I’m made ya’ll n*&^%$  barely getting by

Ya’ll rap like your cholesterol’s high

Ya’ll clogged up just like constipation

Ya’ll stillbirth your rhyme had a complication

Learn from my experience ya’ll too serious

And life is too short that don’t mean smoke a Newport

So here’s a new thought for you,

If you got a child that adore you go home and leave me alone

Cause they’re your children but me, I’m full grown

Your game’s torn but me, I got the game sewn

Your actions are highly questionable

Why would you put your head on a chopping block

When you know how I rock

You study my moves and calculate my averages

I barely lose and if I do I get it back again

I get to it, I move swiftly, your move’s iffy

Back home they call me Tony

You know me

“Do You” by YZ  from the LP “Muad’Dib”

It’s what it is baby. You know that.

Verse 1

If you don’t know already let me tell you bout me

My policy is open and shut

Like the 7 seas once in a while it get rough

Weather the storm you got to be a diamond in the rough

Life can’t even begin to show me enough

But I take what I give I’m a man I’m a live

Push me I’m a shift remember him I did it

Stop me from eating you must be kidding, I cause harm

Emergency room, I got you admitted

I taught you this game why can’t you admit it

So here’s the percentage, 85 owe me

You were blind till I taught you to see

I brought life from the darkness

You got nerve to stand here and be heartless

You should be marching I lead like Marcus Garvey

Your funny like Steve Harvey

If you ain’t live it well then you can’t charge me


You can let em push you over if you want to

You can make all the dough that you have to

You can front cause it really don’t matter to me

Whoa Whoa Whoa

You can take down your pants if you want to

You can sell all the soul that you have to

Do you, cause it really don’t matter to me

Whoa Whoa Whoa

Verse 2

I stayed and I fought while all ya’ll quit

That’s how it is, ain’t no more rhyme biz just lies jig

You know how to shuffle I bring muscle

I remember when it was about hustle on the grind daily

Now ya’ll rhyme rarely education is lost

Sensational floss got all ya’ll up in a toss

It’s Rap Ford Manufactures an assembly line of rhyme

This paper got you losing you mind

Am I rubbing you wrong

Tell me that I got you all wrong

I love you so I got to let you know you’re all wrong

You can ad your own name to the song

You know who to trust

You ain’t never bled but you’re tragedy struck

Got your rap game all in a rut

Now Oprah can’t keep her mouth shut about us

Instead of criticizing us realize we took nothing

And made the whole World trust


Verse 3

Open your eyes for the first time

They’re reading a script, it’ s all by design

You censer me cause of Imus than you fell in a trap

The game only lacks balance, tip the scale back

The early 90’s flow expanded the court

Rap of all sorts you couldn’t get lost

Nowadays if I heard one then I heard them all

So when they’re ready to kill one they’re killing us all

Genocide in the genetics a coup take over

Religious men rob you blind while you pray to Jehovah

My guns stay cocked I must play soldier, why

I ain’t Biggie I ain’t ready to die

Many men lost their soul on a contract

They thought it was honor to die in combat

Do you believe

Tell a man he could fly, he could breath in the sea

Tell a man he could die and he wouldn’t believe


“Hello” by YZ from the LP “Muad’Dib”

Yo this is the S*&^, when you hear it I hope you know there’s better things to come

Verse 1

Walk in the gate there’s a dog in the yard with a stump leg

And a mean scar


Coming up the stairs there’s a man with a beard

And a tattoo shaped like a tear


Give the man a pound cause I’ve known him for years

But I still can’t tell you who he is


Coming through the door there’s a smell in the air

And whole lot of people on the floor


Stepping over this one and that one

Can’t look them in the eye I got business in the back


In the back there’s a triple beam, digital, AK-47 nervous and I miserable

Never mind that, the temperature is critical

My eye on everything got me thinking like a sentinel

Know I shouldn’t be here but I need it like it’s mineral

People spazzin’ into other planets I ain’t kidding you

Never mind I got people to see

I almost tripped over this lady, can you excuse me

Look in her face, Oh snap my mother

Look again, damn I would have sworn it was her


I can’t explain in this ladies face my mothers eyes

She grabbed my hand and began to cry I realized

I can’t continue this lifestyle it’s got to stop

Right here right now to my my knees I dropped

I asked God to forgive me now for all of my sins

Wash me clean I’ll never do it again

Little did I know my day’s already numbered by a hunter

Waiting for me to exit to put me in a slumber

Got to the door and something hit me in the middle

I went deaf so I couldn’t hear the bullets riddle

At my last breath all I remember “Whom shall I fear”

On my back staring at this tattooed tear



I hear it everywhere the kids even saying it

It’s like the new slang but old like bang bang


It ain’t a greeting no more it’s recognition

got those warriors in the street they’re playing they’re position


Even them girls caught on it’s like fashion

But now it’s hear to stay cause it’s no longer a game


I brought it back now it’s never the same

When you say it mean that just remember my name


Verse 2

Woke up in the hospital mama by my side

Praying for my life to continue


I.C.U. I can hear machines beeping got to close my eyes

Even though I don’t want to be sleeping


I can feel her hands I can hear her cry

Please God if you can hear me please don’t let my baby die


I dose off thinking back to my past all the people that I hurt

Even might have killed coming back

It’s all vivid I won’t live it again

If I make it to tomorrow then I promise you I’m gonna win

To many options way to many advances

Just to throw my life away taking dangerous chances


I remember jail time and drug deals going wrong

Where n&^%$ put a gun to my spine


And getting kidnapped out of my crib

Don’t ask me to explain it’s just good to be hear


Another day another breath

Another chance to see my son & daughter coming into success


Another chance to get it off my chest


A big bird cause I’m building a nest



“Motion” by YZ of the LP “Muad’Dib

Yo! ya’ll stagnant with it, I’m a magnet with it,

Hold on my flow is sidick committed, acidic

Don’t get too close it might burn you

It’s what it is, motion cause ya’ll seem to procrast

I peep through ya’ll game like glass

Soon as ya’ll mention my name I mash

Got to get to it, got to work through it

Nobody else gonna do it, I handle my biz

Cause this is the way The Y is

On that yellow brick I’m just like The Wiz

On that man shit ya’ll acting like kids

I work for myself I ain’t searching for gigs

Ya’ll fake ass dudes ya’ll remind me of wigs

Pull ya’ll off fam I show your hold card

Stone ya’ll beat you with a crow bar


I put it in, Motion, Motion, Motion, Motion

I put it in, Motion, Motion, Motion, Motion

Verse 2

I opened doors for ya’ll

You can separate the words if you want to

I’m talking to all ya’ll

F*&^ that bulls*&^ yo I’m coming for all ya’ll

Took my respect and I’m coming for more ya’ll

You think I’m not, You think I’m hot now

I got my guns I’m ready for show down

Ya’ll bright colors and ya’ll nothing but show clowns

I’m bout my biz I do nothing but show clowns

Raise up respect mine that’s all I’m asking

The door’s open get yo ass in

Ride wit me, cry wit me

You play those other dudes but can’t deny me

You blow like small wind I’m tsunami

Your game’s baloney I’m salami

You ain’t my homey that don’t fly B

You’re paid for n&%%$ try to buy me


Ya’ll know what this is, it’s a stick up kid

The track breath like weed smoke we write

This s^%* smoke free, we dope, he hype

The beats bang if they don’t then we fight

Back to the lab-o we callab-o

It’s like we’re scientist mad beats, mad flo

Concoction, oxygen plus the doctrine

It’s only begun and we ain’t stopping

I’m second to none you know my M.O.

You bet on me then it ain’t a gamble

You bet on them then you might get shambled

Compared to mine they don’t light a candle

They can’t see this, I’m the elitist

I’m lineage they’re game’s young like fetus

Ya’ll n&^%%$ ass ya’ll butt holes and Bevis

My style’s crack it’s choke holds diseases


“Did I ever tell you?” by YZ feat Slug of Atmosphere & Brother Ali

from the LP “Muad’Dib

Verse 1


Did I ever tell you I was a rock star

Audi’s & Benz’s all park in my garage

Two friends that come over for manage a trois

Some real niggas that make up my entourage

You see me singing this thing you think it’s all mirage

I got a castle on the hill the game is all panache

A big suite in the front for my ma ma ma

And big screens so I can see some Sha Na Na

A indoor pool to dive in I keep it warm

Your game’s a turn off B see mine I keep it on

You play in this game and sleep it will so you wrong

You got to gorilla this thing I’m a show you all

That hiatus I was on i was stacking chips

I let the weak fall off came back when I was fit

In shape now Mayweather of this Rap thing

Ain’t no mistaking my moves see I’m the Rap King

I’m instrumental to the Rap Game I’m monumental

Go do you history B go check on my credentials

I let ya’ll eat I hope you had a good meal

It’s braggadocio shit but see it’s all for real


Did I ever tell you I was a Rock Star? (Repeat 4 times)

Verse 2


Did I ever tell you I was a Rock Star

Throwing up and passing out in back of cop cars

Somewhere between dirtball & avant garde

You heard the rumors Slug showed up and bought the bar

Read about me in the magazines

The tabloids want to know what happening

Doing anything to get my hands on that cream

Then burn it up like my limousine gasoline

Fuck love tell me what I need a wifey for

I go on tour cause the groupies all like me more

I’m like a whore girl now bite the floor

Won’t even tell you bout the story from the night before

Watch me study me see me fly

I don’t care man I swear I’m a reach the sky

Everybody hates life but I feel alright

Stay bent cause my management keeps me high

Got enough charisma to pass the test

She gonna smile while I autograph the breast

paparazzi better step back and show respect

Or I’m a chop the damn camera man in his neck

Look mama I’ve reached my goals

First class suites and Ho’s

Cars and links and rings and clothes

With my fame and my fortune who needs to sew Oh


Verse 3

Brother Ali

Quick Question

Did I ever tell you I was a Rock Star

You never quite get it right I’m a Rap Star

Kangol fucking half cocked listening to Ad Rock

Four letter fast talk slipping out my chatter box

No bank account in my name I got a stash box

20 grand underneath the mattress and a black Glock

I’m the have nots mascot everyday plan and plot

Trying to get my hands on what the haves got (huh)

I ain’t  rich but I’m bad and enjoy the shit out the lil’ bit that I have

I know I got it all never kissing no ass

And punching time clocks is just a thing of the past

Blame Rhymesayers for creating a monster

True and living Rock Star amongst you impostors

Turned down the sponsors turned up my collar

If I make a jam about you best believe you’ll win an Oscar(Ah)

Charles D Dutton you nuts

Cause I do it out of nothing but my love and respect

But if I love the way I catch a publishing check

Can’t blame a star for shining what the fuck you expect(Uh)

You know I’m globally known but the more that I roam

The more that they support at home

Got a life size poster in the store that we own

Get up and handle biz so I can always be shown

Couple Rap Legends like to blow up my phone

I ain’t sold out nothing but the shows that I’ve blown

Permanent soul glowing and holding my own

I’m in The Source and The Rolling Stone

Now let me tell you bout me (Uh)


Horizon by YZ of the LP “Muad’Dib”

Verse 1

I”m forever in the motion until one day I was at the water staring at the sky,

The Ocean’s underneath, then I had stop, this glazed look over my eyes.

What a site a whale black as night geyser  in flight. I’m thinking how small am I.

The sunshine on horize a tear fell from my eyes, a presence surrounds me.

Was that God? I think it is. Everything was real clear, I mean it all.

Everything was sitting right here. The beginning of life, The Light, and what came from it. If you study then you know this was the summit.

My name’s the question the answer all together one.

It’s represents the stars, moon and the sun, beginning the end and a new

Beginning again. The start, middle till the time is done.


When you can see the new horizon that means yes it’ll be alright.

Look unto the new horizon you’ll see yes it’ll be alright.

Please listen to me ya’ll?


Verse 2

The Sand People Liberator. I was sent for specifics the mission was major.

It came from the Maker, The Owner, The Cream, The Son of Man

Walked through hallways with crack fiends numb from morphine.

Beaten, wonders who’s life your cheating. It was eatin’ me all up inside.

Put it away and try to hide those emotional hi-lows but that’s life.

You know how the ride goes. Sell high but first you better buy low.

You can not settle for the high post. The game changes, know your position.

When the tide goes high you better move with the wind.

Know your mission. The door’s open so come on in and close the door.

The air’s warm it’s the next from the norm be wise cause a mans words can stink like manure.


“More Than War” by YZ from the LP “Muad’Dib”

To all the fallen soldier… this one’s for you. Yeah.

Verse 1

To all the old, middle age and those considered the youth.

I’m here to represent you and get your neck out the noose.

We lost a lot of good soldiers lately, it hurt when we do.

Rest in peace to J-Dilla, Pro X and Proof.

So every time I spit flames I carry a torch for you.

It strengthens your name, ya’ll like our Marvin Gaye, Rick James and Sam Cooke.

The blow the game took. Keep your eye on the prize,

Cause tomorrow’s only death in disguise.

But be strong cause you can face it remember it’s promised to all.

It’s what you do while you’re living is what I consider your call.

Whether you want everyone locked up or freedom for all.

Your coffee come from Guatemala or you pray the Kabbalah?

You drink Star Bucks or Pray five times to Allah?

No matter the class we better change fast or this place ain’t gonna last.

I hope you see r.e.s.p.e.c.t before you pass.


They got a bomb for me, they got a bomb for you.

They got a bullet with my name on it, bullet for you.

They put crack in inner cities just to ruin the youth,

and alcohol killed more than war.


Verse 2

Hold it now like the Beasties, I hold it down like a beast.

Say my name in any circle watch your knowledge increase.

I’m Muad’Dib in the desert when your water deplete.

Why go and promote hate when all I want is your peace?

Still I remain sucker free like Sundays on MTV and

Slowed my game way down so ya’ll can follow my lead.

I leave my blood in every city so I’ve planted my seed.

Now when it comes to harvest time my army will be divine.

My soldiers put their life on the line every time.

They need freedom, justice, equality that’s how we breath.

Most the things we do, we do out of need and I could

Tell you War stories you won’t want to believe.

Ya’ll like it digital I like it warm and round like a Neve,

So when the bass hit, ya’ll screaming praise the Lord give him His.

It’s our future so I pray for the kids.They planned your genocide.

I promise ya’ll I want you to live.


Verse 3

Now back up I ain’t no preacher I just feel what I speak.

I put my heart into the scripture and keep it far from my sleeve.

Cause many men operate from a point of lust and greed,

And if you can’t see that devil in their eye you’ll bleed.

They came to gut the weak and they don’t give a hell what you think.

Liquor Stores on every corner, suppress depression with drink.

Life’s in constant motion, like the World is on axis.

If God stopped that rotation what you think is gonna happen?

Life no more, that’s enough for improvement.

I scream unity because the people need movement.

Put your sword down, you see it’s the only solution.

Anything else destruction, World pollution.


“UGLY” by YZ from the LP “Muad’Dib”


Yeah baby, it ugly real ugly. I know ya’ll trying to understand how the fuck Ricky Baby got on a song with YZ? Ugly?

Nigga I don’t even understand how this shit happened.

Like, this track nigga it’s ugly. We gonna call this Sam Cassell huh, that’s fucked up but it’s ugly. Yeah nigga feel it.

Verse 1

Many faces, many attitudes any day could change your mood.

The game’s fairground.

Any man can come and snatch your food right off your plate,

right in your face.

Some of ya’ll heartless ain’t shit you could say

You better move. How much you want to lose?

You ain’t a gorilla. You better be a real smart dude, listen killa.

That’s facsimile close but ain’t  for rilla.

Give em’ room they take a inch off your chinchilla.

And scrape the sugar off, now what’s sweet?

You forgot yours and he got heat and you sweating.

Your luck ran out some men ain’t built for betting.

Some lose a lot and spend a lifetime regretting.

Some lose a little, spend a lifetime hunting,

And your shit looks like just what they’re wanting.

You coming for yours you better believe,

You coming for mine ya’ll niggas gonna bleed

I don’t go that easy.


Ugly!  You a ugly motherfucker (Repeat 4 times)

Verse 2

Yo, some people think, cause you got it that you owe them something.

Yo, was you there when I was in the streets pumping and,

Was you there when I was getting crowds crunk and,

Ya’ll niggas is air but I got dunks I told you before,

Don’t make me go and get my pump.

I share it all ya’ll ain’t got to push me. If you do, I’m a cut ya’ll pussies.

You think these, just words? Then bring it on? You get offended,

We can get it on. Ya’ll better to just sing along.

Look money trust me, I’m not to be fucked wit. Shit could get real ugly.

Yeah! I’m Ving Rhames, and Wesley Snipes and  Samuel Jackson,

Cicely Tyson and Harriet Tubman , Don Cheadle and Miles Davis

And I’m coming for mice and men

I cook your food, I’m burning rice and I’m Aunt Ester sucker.

You a ugly motherfucker.



Did you not here what he said man? It’s ugly.

It’s been a good look man the album was a good look.

Starchy Arch, I heard you on there that was a good look.

This is ugly man. It’s ugly Florida Evans ugly, good lord man. That was ugly.

If you trying to step to us in a incorrect manner listen it’s gone be yeah, ugly.

You dig that man?  You stay in your place and we won’t have to

put you in your place. You got me? Yeah I know, I know, I know, If you knew better,

you knew better but right now it’s Ricky Baby and YZ coming from MO City to yo city, and it’s just got ugly.  Yeah, ugly baby it’s ugly, it’s ugly Cozmos this track is ugly. I told you it was ugly you fucking wit your career man. You need to listen to me man. I know what I’m talking bout man, I’m Ricky Baby doll. If I tell you a duck can pull a truck shut the fuck up and hook the duck up.

“Alwayz will be” by YZ from the LP “Muad’Dib”


It’s what it is, it what it always will be  It’s what it always will be

It’s what it is, it what it always will be  It’s what it always will be

It’s what it is, it what it always will be  It’s what it always will be

I’m here in heart and mind still after all this time

It’s what it is, it what it always will be  It’s what it always will be

I’m here in heart and mind still after all this time

Verse !

Born for greatness my mothers eyes revealed a secret

To talk about it is taboo, she made sure never to speak it

My birthplace New Jerusalem mirror to Bethlehem home of my resurrection

A sheltered child hidden well beneath the soil

Amongst the working class by design never to spoil.

My head anointed with oil, my sins cleansed in the water

Set up for a miracle slaughter

To die right amongst men and then live among you again

I broke with bread the hungry were fed the word was said

But of course it was written, hell has finally surfaced on Earth

I walked through fire with purpose

All my soldiers seen death don’t you even get nervous

Through Him all here for service, to praise prostrate to One Perfect.

Where all life stem, death is a part of

So all one God, man, woman, child the end


Why waste sixteen bars on remedial words

When you can come and get blessed like I respect your worth

Through your flesh all your lessons are learned

What you take from that experience is your concern

The memories all written in life

I pray you have a good read cause you won’t read twice

There’s only one breath and when it leaves you don’t breath twice

I paint through images with seed, soil, water, sun

And I love it all from conception till when it falls

From birth till when it’s done

I reach to every heart cause we are one apart

One ear, I speak in every tongue

One life, one love, one vision, One God for submission

One voice to transmit what’s your position?

You’ve got a choice

No time for petty games cause right now I’m on a mission


Verse 3

My conclusion is this, the subject is this

It’s actual, composed of facts that’s it, that’s that

The books closed it’s flat like the simian

It’s Snoop Dog new millennium

Real as the streets will ever be, coming as rough as sea

As you breath heavily my scripture is Heavenly

A break bread you ate the Simnel it nourished you

Exposed your head. All my moves gracious

I liberate the weak, I need them strong

The war is on, to each his own

The magistrate, I was chosen for law exposed the books

The people came and they saw, then they conquered

The word evident, no more negligence

power takes precedence, the church prebend

The money was spent on clergyman living in sin.

I’m clocking you I’m in the shade watching you