Owed to a King

My first encounter with Junior Mafia was in the Summer of 93.  It was at Daddy-O & Kedar’s studio in Bed-Sty, Junior Mafia was working on their demo. Lil Kim, The Snakes and Lil Cease were there recording and we all met for the 1st time, Biggie however wasn’t there. It was real peace and the word must have gotten back to BIG cause when we finally did meet in the Spring of 94 in Atlanta it was though we were old friends. Puffy had him and Cease in a blue van on a promotional college radio tour with Craig Mack and I bumped into them at Morehouse College. We sat in the van while I rolled a blunt, terribly I might ad. Later that year when BIG’s single Juicy was hot and his LP Ready to Die was released I caught up with him at his 1st headline show in Atlanta at the Warehouse. Soon as he saw me he grabbed my shoulders and I thought somebody was starting a fight. That was BIG’s way of joking. When I noticed it was him I laughed and he put his arms around me to greet me. We talked a good while before he went on. He was a little nervous about performing that night. He asked me if I thought the crowd was going to feel him. My response was this, “This place is packed and everybody’s here to see you.” Needless the say he repped for Brooklyn that night.

Biggie was a fun person to be around. He loved telling jokes, laughing and talking to people. The video’s I selected below remind me of the times we kicked it.



Thoughts of Super Rocker Mr. Magic


As I sit in my car in front of TGM (The Green Movement Recycling Company) and listen to some online Z shares of Old Mr. Magic Broadcasts from the early to mid 80’s that I downloaded to my computer, I’m taken back to my early childhood.

My earliest memory of Mr. Magic goes back to my days of grade school. My good childhood friend Mark Swain relocated to East Windsor NJ where I lived, from Lakewood NJ. He brought with him tapes of this DJ he loved who aired on WHBI.  Of course that DJ was Super Rocker Mr. Magic.  Listening to Mr. Magic inspired Mark and I to write rhymes and create beats because we wanted to one day be heard on the Mr. Magic Rap Show.

A year or so after I was introduced to the sounds of Mr. Magic, he started airing “The Rap Attack Show” on WBLS. He was the host, DJ Marley Marl was the mix master and Tyrone “Fly Ty” Williams was one of the producers of the show. Every Saturday night around 10 PM -12AM they would play all the hot new rap music coming out of the Tri-State Area. Every weekend I would be impatiently waiting to tape the show so I could have rap music to hear through the week until the following weekend.

My dreams finally came true. I would later go on to become one of those artist who could be heard on “The Rap Attack.  Later I would make the song “In control of things” that become the theme song for “Marley Marl’s In Control Rap Show.

If it wasn’t for Mr. Magic I don’t know where Rap Music would be. To me he put Rap Music on the World Stage. His show “The Rap Attack” was the first show on major radio to showcase Hip-Hop music.  I’m forever in debt to his vision and grateful that I was around to see his greatness unfold.


R.I.P. Mr. Magic

“You will forever be missed”


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