Owed to a King

My first encounter with Junior Mafia was in the Summer of 93.  It was at Daddy-O & Kedar’s studio in Bed-Sty, Junior Mafia was working on their demo. Lil Kim, The Snakes and Lil Cease were there recording and we all met for the 1st time, Biggie however wasn’t there. It was real peace and the word must have gotten back to BIG cause when we finally did meet in the Spring of 94 in Atlanta it was though we were old friends. Puffy had him and Cease in a blue van on a promotional college radio tour with Craig Mack and I bumped into them at Morehouse College. We sat in the van while I rolled a blunt, terribly I might ad. Later that year when BIG’s single Juicy was hot and his LP Ready to Die was released I caught up with him at his 1st headline show in Atlanta at the Warehouse. Soon as he saw me he grabbed my shoulders and I thought somebody was starting a fight. That was BIG’s way of joking. When I noticed it was him I laughed and he put his arms around me to greet me. We talked a good while before he went on. He was a little nervous about performing that night. He asked me if I thought the crowd was going to feel him. My response was this, “This place is packed and everybody’s here to see you.” Needless the say he repped for Brooklyn that night.

Biggie was a fun person to be around. He loved telling jokes, laughing and talking to people. The video’s I selected below remind me of the times we kicked it.



I Ain’t Got Time to Waste

When I met Andy Turner aka Aim I was in Manchester UK touring with Rae & Christian. It’s somewhat of a long story but I will make it short as possible. My friend and old production partner Tony D (RIP) had released a LP called “Pound for Pound” on Grand Central Records based out of Manchester. Tony had scheduled a six city tour and mentioned my name to Mark Rae one of the owners of the label. Mark asked Tony if he thought I’d be interested in doing the tour with him to help promote his LP. Tony called me and I accepted his offer.

While I was there Rae & Christian were recording their debut LP “Northern Sulphuric Soul”. They ask me if I was interested in being featured on the LP, of course I said yes. Mark gave me a track and we went into their studio to record the song “Now I lay me Down”. The track that we originally recorded to ended up being used on the same LP with another artist, “Jeru The Damaja.” Mark and Steve (Christian) took the song I recorded and produced a new track around what I had recorded. I thought the new version fit the topic better however the flow sounded much better over the original track. I wished they had asked me to re-record the song but it didn’t quite work out that way.

After the release of “NSS”, Rae & Christian lined up a string of Summer Festival dates and ask if I would be interested in coming to Europe for a few months to tour. I jumped at the chance to tour with some of the Worlds most talented artist. I met a great deal of people on that tour. James Brown, George Duke, Buena Vista Social Club, Zap Mama, Lamb, Massive Attack and many more.

In between dates I lived in Manchester with some friends of Steve, Ali and Gaina. They were very warm and kind to me on my visit. I got to see Manchester United win a match. It was a memorable experience to say the least. I also became closely aquainted with several of Grand Central’s recording artist Veba, Peter Parker, Kate Rogers, Funky Fresh Few and of course, Aim.

Aim (Andrew Turner) and I recorded two songs together, “From here to fame” and “I ain’t got time to waste”. Both songs were featured on his debut LP “Cold Water Music. I did a few spot dates with Andy during this period as well. Although his LP wasn’t out yet he had a nice following as a DJ. We would do a small routine near the end of his set.  I remember one of the gigs was in London with a group called High & Mighty. That night High & Mighty brought Eminem on stage to perform one of their songs with them. I spoke briefly with Em before the show, he had been a listener of my music. After the show we all hung out, had a few drinks and took some pictures. I also had the pleasure of meeting his manager Paul Rosenberg and the late “Proof”(RIP) that same night.

After I had returned to America I had gotten word that Aim had released “Cold Water Music”.  Shortly after I received a call to inform me that our song “I Ain’t Got Time To Waste” had been chosen for “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”.

“So Far” The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me

“I earned my respect in the Streets.”

These words resonate in every aspect of my life. Life can be difficult at times, people are not perfect. We make huge mistakes but that’s how we learn. Do the best you can do that’s all anyone can ask of you. Sometimes you win big, sometimes you come up short, but you tried. Stay true to who you are. You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not to be respected. Actually faking will get you disrespected faster than anything else. I know you know that. Don’t forget to act like you know.

Comin’ at ya live YZ interview Brother J of X-Clan Part 1

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brother_j_x_clan_20090131.jpgComin’ At Ya Live is a show created by YZ that showcases artists and DJ’s from all over the World.  We are currently editing tons of goodies for you but didn’t want to leave you without a taste of what’s to come.

In this episode YZ interviews Blackworld Entertainment” Recording Artist “Brother J of X-Clan“.

“It was a pleasure catching up with Brother J.  I think he is one of Hip-Hop’s true pioneers that shall be treasured for many years to come.” YZ

If you would like to be featured on “Comin’ At Ya Live” email your request to: cominatyalive@gmail.com

Enjoy and God Bless

Blackworld Entertainment